Why Attend A Mindfulness Course?

Considerable research has demonstrated that mindfulness is effective for reducing stress, alleviating anxiety and improving emotional well-being. A significant benefit of attending a mindfulness course is that you learn how the integration of simple, practical, mindfulness techniques into everyday life can reduce stress and anxiety, assist with clarity and focus and increase the possibility for a richer more vivid existence. Mindfulness courses also includes psychoeducation about stress, anxiety, and negative thinking, and encourage an orientation towards positive wellbeing, resilience and self-care.

As a trained and registered Mindfulness teacher and Associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre I have extensive experience of delivering mindfulness courses and workshops in a range of corporate and educational settings. If you are interested in a mindfulness course for your workplace please go to my contact page.

Feeback from previous course participants:

This is something I will take with me and use at work and home, hopefully for the rest of my life’

‘Working with a group of like-minded people and an extremely accomplished teacher’

‘Surprisingly positive and consistently helpful’

‘This was a wonderful experience that will benefit me in all aspets of my life’

It has impacted my day to day life in a very positive way’